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Multiple or single bets choose player

Bookmakers offer chances to choose from several options bets. Users highest demand deserved ordinaries and multiple bets. We analyzed the final situation and will tell which kinds are better melbet app downlod.

Overview of concepts

First must in detail tell about each of the presented types of bets. Ordinaries – bet on one outcome. Player includes in ticket one result of meeting and places bet. Win calculate multiplying coefficient result by the size of the bet. Calculation of winnings occurs after the completion of the game or execution of the event.
Multiple bets – bets on 2 or more events immediately. Sometimes they are called expresses or accumulators. Client includes in coupon from 2 events. Potential prize calculated by multiplying all odds with each other and subsequent multiplying total by the size of bet.
Pros and cons there for each of the listed options. However professional players recommend apply only singles.

Pros and Cons of Ordinary

The main disadvantage of single bets consists in quotes. Best play at odds 1.5-2.0. But speed growth of the deposit in the specified case leaves much to be desired.
Now must familiarize with advantages. In the final list can add:
1. Convenience assessment chances for winning events. Player must analyze only one result.
2. Ability to use different tactics bank management.
3. Increased search speed match. The player needs to bet only on one game. Match required option simpler than looking for 2-3 matches.
As a result the betting company’s client is able to achieve excellent outcomes over the course. Therefore presented options of bets are used by professionals.

Advantages and Disadvantages Parlay

Multiple bets are in demand among beginners. Main advantage of presented options games consists in the possibility of collecting in the ticket several results and achieve high quotes. As a result increases probable profits.
Additional should say about various promotions of betting companies. For example, welcome bonuses many brands allow wagering only by parlays. Other options of wagers use not.
Periodically companies offer additional types of bonuses. For example, for placement bets on bookmaker’s accumulators you may get an additional coefficient. As a result the profitability of the game significantly increase.
As a result of this multiple bets seem more attractive. However similar point of view is incorrect. The reason is that multiple bets have a number of cons. They change the situation:
1. Multiple bets profitable to bookmaker. You bet on 2 or more results. Therefore increases size of site margin. Specified parameter increases increases amount of outcomes in the coupon.
2. You will have to review all matches that you add in the coupon. This significantly increases number of actions.
3. Bookmakers prohibit betting on events related together.
4. Increase in the number of selections in the ticket increases risk of error.
Listed disadvantages reduce benefits from application of multiple wagers. Therefore experienced users do not advise apply specified options.


Correct selection kind bet is a impressive share of success. As a result of this it needs be given special attention.



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